A true wine country girl through and through having spent most her life running around barefoot through her family’s vineyards. After college, in 2008 Val found herself back in her hometown of Sonoma, CA doing what she and her galpals do each summer … lounging on the front lawn of the picturesque City Hall, quilt sprawled out, ladies piled on, cheese platters filled with fresh goodies and bubbles …


She couldn’t help but think about her college friends in the midwest, wishing they too were enjoying a summer Tuesday night just as she was. Sipping bubbles with her galpals to catch up not because there was an occasion or celebration, but instead, they were creating the party. She wanted to create a bubblie that created a bubblie lifestyle.

In 2012, Vallerie Cohn founded her company, Bubblie Blondie Inc., and her dream became our reality. She launched three varietals: Bubblie Blondie Brut, Bubblie Brunettie Blanc de Noir, and Bubblie Redheadie Rose. Although she had fun with it up and down the California coast, she put it on hold a year later when she took a step away from her brand to help her family which leads to creating a family of her own.

Now with a daughter named after her favorite state, Cali and a dog of course called Bubbles, her and her husband are reenergized and excited to relaunch Bubblie Blondie’s Blanc de Blanc in the fall of 2019! Like most exceptional wines, Bubblie Blondie has a story to share and a Bubblie lifestyle that will add a little sparkle to each of our everyday worlds.

So sip often and stay connected!

until next time love,

Because the fun never stops.

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